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I know that a blog has not featured for a while on the Empiric Website or my LinkedIn media. There are a number of reasons for this absence which I will not trouble you with, but some will be aware that recent family bereavement and meeting tight deadlines for a Public Inquiry are foremost. Just when I emerged blinking into the sunlight, both figuratively and literally, Boris told me to go back indoors and shut the door tightly behind me. So, from my gilded cage I thought it time to make you aware of a new initiative by Empiric Partners to help those businesses, large and small to survive the tempest which is this wretched virus. We have launched this through a page on our website and I can do no better than recommend you visit https://www.empiricpartners.com/ .In the meantime, I have extracted a single quote to give some preview of what we are offering.

“In these unique circumstances we do not pretend that the Empiric team have all the answers. However, we have all led businesses through major recessions and learnt to step sideways when the world is heading backwards; in short we have the experience to offer practical advice and help”.

Good luck to you all in these weird times,