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Empiric Partners has, during the last few years been fortunate in securing a place on several Local Government frameworks established to provide support to SME’s through targeted business advice. Our latest success with Worcestershire County Council has been achieved during the lockdown period with all stages of the tendering process conducted online.

This made me think about the other local government services that have carried-on regardless of the challenges presented by lockdown and the Covid-19 pandemic. On reflection we have heard much about our front-line workers driving buses, emptying our bins and supporting the care workers in both private and public sector homes.

There is also a large force of back-room heroes who are working from home and have stepped-up to the challenge of maintaining services in these difficult circumstances. As recipients of their calm and collected determination to ensure that public transport continues to operate, that road maintenance goes ahead, that planning for an uncertain future is a part of local government priority, we should salute their effort.

So, this is a plea for the back room troops, who have for so many years been derided as an unnecessary call on public money, whose budgets have been cut and cut again. They are the carers, the transport organisers, the traffic authority, the environmental protectors, the trade regulators and supporters of the enterprise culture.

They are our business friends and we should recognise their efforts and support; as a small business we know the importance of the public/private sector relationship. This is the time to work together.

Tony Cross is our Senior Managing Partner, expert in leadership, transport planning and public tendering.